Rumour has that people in Osaka spend more on food than anything else, and the term “kuidaore” (“eat until you drop”) describes perfectly the food culture there. Eating and drinking have always been an essential part of our travels, and Osaka is the very place to indulge oneself – and perhaps that’s why we feel so at home in this awesome city 😉
We have spent in April three days in Osaka basically eating, drinking and wandering around. It was our second time there, so we didn’t feel the urge to visit the main attractions but decided to take a more “out the beaten track” route.
We wanted to try different types of restaurants while being in Osaka and have dinner at a “robata” – a type of restaurant similar to barbecue, in which the food is cooked at over hot charcoal.
Hidden on the 8th floor of a building in the Shinsaibashi area, we found an excellent robata restaurant. We had a delicious dinner and had a great experience watching our food being prepared from the Japanese-style counter.

We started with some nibbles from the house.

We also tried their octopus.

Three kinds of sashimi – seriously one of the best tunas we have ever had!

Grilled Prawn.

We ordered their lotus dumplings, but probably we didn’t point well in the menu and we got caramelized shark fins instead. We only discovered after eating it, and, despite feeling very sorry for the shark, the dish was exquisite.

Our experience from the beginning to the end was very pleasant, and the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, even though they spoke very basic English. The food was of outstanding quality at a reasonable price – our dinner cost around 75 euros including drinks.

Robata Chance Ginpei is highly recommendable for those who like high quality fresh (raw or grilled) seafood in a relaxed and not touristy atmosphere.

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