Bali is such an amazing place and, although it’s very developed tourism-wise, it still can surprise even the most experienced travellers. During our two days visit to Ubud, we discovered a diamond in the rough – a restaurant and community centre called 9 Angels or 9 Warung. 

The 9 Angels is not very easy to find but it’s worth the effort. Once you pass the narrow corridor you will find your self in a beautiful garden, where a restaurant shares space with a community centre.

It is an unusual restaurant: there is no waiter to either serve you or to bring you the bill.  The food is delicious and it’s 100% vegetarian, not only raw and cold dishes. As for drinks, you can nourish yourself with Kombucha. For those who don’t know, Kombucha is a fermented green tea. We tried it for the first time during our WWOOFing experience at an organic farm in Canada and it is delicious!

The concept of 9 Angels is donation based, and if you don’t have money to pay, you can pay with your time! After you serve yourself from the buffet, you can put the money you’d wish to pay in a jar. They do suggest a price, but you decide. After eating, you should clean up the table and wash your plate.  You can also donate an amount for a free meal for someone else. Just pay and hang a tag for the ones in need.

The owner Tony puts a lot of effort into his project, which is not only a restaurant but much more than that.  9 Angels also works as a community centre and offers its space for events and activities such as ecstatic dancing, tango, yoga and writing workshops. Tony also gives seminars on diverse topics. If you don’t want to follow any lesson or seminar but want to spend more time at this inspiring place, you can just get one of their many books and read it for free.

9 Angels was a beautiful find and a great example of the alternative lifestyle lived in Bali. For more information, check out their Facebook page.

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