Dénia is a beach city in the province of Alicante, Spain, which has a very special meaning for us, because it was there where we, Beatriz and Lars – The Traveling Consultants, met in 2012.

This lovely city is a renowned holiday destination for a long time, attracting thousands of tourists every year to its 20 km of beaches, but the beaches are not the only reason to visit Dénia. Another strong (and delicious) reason is its gastronomy, moreover since 2015, when Dénia was designated Creative City of Gastronomy by UNESCO.

Dénia’s gastronomy is a historical legacy for over 2.000 years. Nowadays gastronomy and food production are the city’s main source of wealth and economic activity. Dénia houses also the world famous 3* Michelin restaurant Quique da Costa.

Foodies will definitely find themselves in gastronomic heaven in Dénia and the city has plenty of options for bars and restaurants, but which one to choose? What is really typical and what shouldn’t you miss? We interviewed Raquel Peligero, foodie and owner of Hotel Villamor, and she gave us great insights of what and where to eat during your gastronomic trip to Dénia.

Check Raquel’s hints and water your mouth!

What everyone needs to try in Dénia?
Firstly I would like to stress that paella is a typical and original dish of Valencia region. Despite the fact that you can eat it everywhere in Spain, it doesn’t mean that they are well prepared.
But what I recommend, very typical Dénia, are the following dishes: arroz a banda, fideuá, llandeta de pescado, cocas de dacsa, cocas, figatells, pulpo seco, sang amb sebagambas and erizos (for those who dare). The sweet tooth really should try buñuelos de calabaza, pastelitos de boniato and coca María con mistela.

What are your favourite restaurants?
The restaurants which I would like to recommend for its great food but also for its good price-quality ratio are Casa Frederico, Primera Línea, Al Forn and Els Tomassets. Other very traditional restaurants in Dénia are Aitana and El Marino – both are great options to try fish tapas. If you would like to indulge yourself with good food and beautiful views, the new Mr Fisher is the best option. For those who have a higher budget, you should try Pont Sec, exquisite food and great service. If you are planning a trip to Dénia months in advance, try to book a table at the “disputed” El Baret de Miquel. The renowned chef Miquel Ruiz reinvents traditional dishes and brings foodies to heaven with a single bite. I simply love it there!

Other facts of Dénia City of Gastronomy:
Dénia organises many Culinary Events as they see gastronomy as an essential element of public fiestas and celebrations. Yearly, Dénia organises a culinary debate forum and a creative cooking contest for professionals spotlighting the autochthonous red prawns. There are also festivities that take place in the streets like the paella contest “Nostres Majors”, where wood-fired ovens are set up for cooking paellas. Since 2005, the Public Health Centre in Dénia has started a program to promote healthy nutrition amongst children and adolescents. Starting in 2011, Dénia created urban fruit and vegetable gardens, 93 small spaces granted to local producers that are dedicated to using the land for cultivating autochthonous crops.

Hungry for more information about Dénia’s gastronomy culture? Check it out here.

Planning your food trip to Dénia? Check also the official Tourist Board website for more information: denia.net

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